Keeping Warm In A Cooler House

Here we challenge the perception that houses must be heated to modern standards, and explores achieving comfort in an older house using background lowฉ\temperature heating and local supplementary heaters to create warmth as required. The report neither advocates that buildings be not heated, nor that they be heated to inappropriate levels. Living in a cool house จC that is, a house cooler than generally expected today จC might sound unacceptable, but was commonplace until relatively recently and is comfortable if human behaviour is adjusted accordingly.

Using background heating and local supplementary warmth as a heating strategy does not attempt to provide a uniform indoor temperature, but creates thermal microclimates when and where required, in a system in which occupants adapt both their building and themselves to stay comfortable. The report proposes that the interior be maintained at a background temperature of 16กใC and appropriate local supplementary heatฉ\sources be provided, when and where desired, usually in the form of a radiant heater. The report demonstrates that with this heating strategy it is possible to provide comfortable conditions while significantly lowering energy costs and related CO2 emissions.

Improving Energy Efficiency In Traditional And Historic Homes

Building conservation and energy efficiency are both key to sustainability. Traditionally built properties contain a considerable amount of embodied energy and were built to last and many have lasted for hundreds of years and will continue to do so if properly maintained. In order for them to continue to provide comfortable home into the future without putting occupants at risk of fuel poverty there are a range of measures that can be adopted to improve their energy efficiency.

 Green Deal Code Of Practice

The Green Deal is the UK Governments funding mechanism which allows home owners to borrow money to undertake energy efficiency measures with payments being offset by reduced energy bills. Those involved in the Green Deal must comply with the Code of Practice.