In-House Courses

We can provide any of the courses listed on our website on an in-house basis. We can also adapt or combine courses to meet your particular requirements.

Often the numbers will range from 6 to 16 for a training course at your premises or premises that you arrange. This can deliver up to 6 CPD hours of training in a day. We can also provide as an option an assessment for each trainee to participate in, based upon recognised quality standards and practices and this would be designed and processed by a qualified ‘assessor’. This training can relate to Government approved ‘accredited’ training and we can discuss this option with you.

Alternatively we can provide seminar type training for audiences of up to 50 and again providing up to 6 CPD hours of training a day. This can be provided at your premises or premises you can arrange.

We offer Environment Study Centre CPD certificates for all individuals attending both the types of training described above.

Our services also include input into your own internal training events should that be more suitable for your organisation.

Please contact us for further information