Building Pathology


Course Description

A forensic approach to inspecting, investigating and problem-solving in buildings and finding solutions.

This 2-day course provides the essential principles and practices of building pathology and the principles of building failure. It will describe the inspection process as well as monitoring and the equipment that is necessary along with the level of competencies required. It will focus on looking for the symptoms of problems externally and internally including the effects of use and the environment, including the changing environment due to climate change and how to determine the cause of problems and deal with their remediation. It will also consider how to determine suitability for different types of uses of a particular building. Ascertaining problems caused by adaptation and retrofitting of buildings will also be covered.

Those attending this course will understand the importance of detailed analysis of buildings and how to go about those analyses and the implications of not undertaking a detailed analysis for both the sake of the building and its occupants. Attendees will also have a good idea on what to look out for and looking out for the changes which have taken place in a building which is becoming particularly relevant when analysing buildings which have been adapted and retrofitted. It will also enable course participants to come up with solutions that deal with the causes of problems.